Educated at the university in communication, Cand.comm. 1991
with masters degree in female research.

Working with art and art based research presentation.


Author of Calendar 2015 – 12 posters with silk paintings and texts.

Now working on:

  • The Feminine Undercurrent – my book on menstruation, cycles and the feminine
  • Power Point presentation introducing the feminine language CRaf
    Cycles, Rhythm and Femininity – presenting my art work over almost 30 years
  • 2012 founder of The Woodmangroup – a group of women skilled in psychotherapy working in a Jungian perspective and using contemplation. With the inspiration from Marion Woodman we focus on Conscious Mothering and the importance of having a Global Perspective
  • 2015 founder and chair of The Organisation Film & Dialogue – an organisation working for art based research presentation and dialogue. The organisation focuses on existential themes paying special attention to women, spirit and daimonic forces


Over the years I have been working in more different fields:

Director of a series of documentaries on existential and spiritual themes.

Giving and participating in exhibitions in private and public companies.

Teaching in the field of creativity, self development and contemplation.

Working as a consultant in the field of human resource and organizational development..


Born in Aalborg, Denmark 1957